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With the postponement and cancellations of live screenings of film festivals across the globe due to COVID-19, Stage 32 is offering filmmakers who were official entries to selected festivals to showcase their projects privately to Stage 32’s network of thousands of professionals including sales agents, distributors, producers, financiers, managers, agents and development executives.

We are currently accepting films that were official selections of the following festivals:

There is no fee to participate. Filmmakers will have the option to screen privately
and securely to our network of professionals or publicly to our professionals and
our member base of over 600,000 worldwide. To learn more, click here.

If you are a festival director of a cancelled or postponed festival and would like
to screen your films on Stage 32 Screenings or if you are a filmmaker impacted
by the cancellation of your live screening, contact us here.

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From Our CEO

As filmmakers, producers, screenwriters and actors ourselves, all of us at Stage 32 are devastated for all the filmmakers, and everyone involved with their films, including hundreds of Stage 32 members, impacted by the postponement and cancellation of many film festivals. With the sad reality that the situation with COVID-19 will likely cause more festival cancellations, we want to assure that these filmmakers and their connections receive the exposure their work so richly deserves and feel the support of our remarkable and collaborative community. Our goal is to not only shine a light on their incredible talent, but also to facilitate connections to sales agents, distributors, buyers, managers, agents, and other professionals who have the power to showcase their work to the largest audience possible and also make a significant impact in the path of their careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stage 32?

Stage 32 is the largest online platform dedicated to connecting and educating film, TV and new media creatives and professionals worldwide. Since 2011 our community has grown to over 600,000 members across the globe who use Stage 32 to build their network, develop projects, cast and crew their films, find work, secure financing and more. Additionally, we work with over 500 industry executives who teach and provide other educational services and opportunities for the community.

With an exclusive library of over 1,200 hours of film, television and digital craft and business webinars and classes, Stage 32 is recognized as the leaders in online education for the industry. We are the proud networking and education partner of the American Film Market, the Cannes Film Festival and many other festivals, film commissions and film and television organizations around the world.

Stage 32’s Script Services are used by our members and industry professionals to vet material, assist with budgeting, provide mentoring and advice on projects and to help hone and improve material.

Stage 32 welcomes all film, television and digital creatives regardless of skill level or geographical location.

Create your free Stage 32 account here.

Will Screening My Film Online Hurt My Chances of Entering it into a Festival?

Some, but not all, festivals will not let your submit your film if it’s been screened to a wide audience online. If this concerns you, and you are participating in Stage 32 Screenings, please select the private option. You will still be able to password protect your film on your Vimeo or YouTube page and it will only been seen by the industry professionals personally vetted by Stage 32.

While the option is purely yours, we recommend taking into account the likelihood that more festivals will be impacted by the Coronavirus. Our mission is to get you the exposure your films, shows and digital content so richly deserve.

How Do Stage 32 Screenings Work?

Stage 32 Screenings is a division of Stage 32. It is a private platform dedicated to connecting creators of films that are official film selections with industry professionals, with two screening settings:

Private Screenings
A filmmaker can chose a private screening which means that their film is only available to be viewed privately (password protected if they chose) to hundreds of industry professionals vetted by Stage 32 including executives, distributors, sales agents, managers, agents, producers, directors of development, financiers and more. If an industry professional requests an introduction to the filmmaker we will connect you. There is no fee on either side to participate.

Public Screenings
A filmmaker can chose a public screening if they’d like their film to publicly be seen by anyone in Stage 32’s network of over 600,000 film, tv and new media creatives and professionals.

If you were scheduled as an official selection to screen at a festival and would like to take us up on our offer to screen your film on Stage 32, simply fill out the form with all the pertinent information. We will be in touch with you within a week of your submission with further instructions.